Two employees from WELDTECH Aps are currently in Nigeria.

They are handling a project for Danish catalysis company Haldor Topsøe at Escravos GTL, a refinery transforming natural gas into diesel (gas to liquid).

WELDTECH Aps’ task is to modify burners and replace oxygen and gas nozzles.  This is made in high-nickel.

“The requirements for the work are extremely high”, Michael Bartram says. The documentation for the project is also taken care by WELDTECH Aps.

The refinery is situated close to the rain forest near the Escravos River where it flows into the Gulf of Guinea. “We are staying in a large container so it will be a different surrounding for us”, senior fitter Mogens Sørensen adds. “It will be some busy weeks for us”.

It is not known yet whether the project will take 3 or 5 weeks, but WELDTECHS Aps’ well-known flexibility lives up to its promise: “We will stay until the project has been completed”, Michael Bartram says.