Our services

Forged work in nickel-plated steel

Weldtech Aps handles forged work in nickel-plated steel according to ASME and DS/EN ISO. We work according to the standard EN-3834-2 and deliver PQR, WPS and WPQR.

Medical pipework

Weldtech Aps welds copper and stainless steel medical pipework according to EN/DS ISO 7693-1.

Processing plants

Weldtech Aps manufactures processing plants according to the needs of customers, including all kinds of industrial plants, product lines and production equipment. One example is Sonosteam steam and ultrasound plants for meat production.

Certified welding

Weldtech Aps performs certified welding according to specific demands or WPS of the customer. Certified welding is carried out according to EN 287-1, EN 287-2 and ASME 9.


Weldtech manufactures aluminum structures and performs repair welding of aluminum castings.

Stainless steel

Weldtech Aps manufactures and processes stainless steel objects, including customer specific structures and production plants.


Weldtech Aps has a workshop of 1000 m2 with a circular welding table and a longitudinal welding machine. We offer the following welding processes:

  • MIG/MAG/-puls 400 Amp.
  • TIG/-puls240/400 Amp. (AC/DC)
  • MMA 400 Amp. (AC/DC)

International projects

Weldtech Aps is an internationally minded company and we have undertaken projects in Qatar, Russia, Nigeria and Bangladesh.


Weldtech undertakes all fitting projects of steel and aluminum structures as well as industrial plants.