WELDTECH ApS recently delivered a new burner for Haldor Topsøe.

Final inspections have been performed and the burner is now on its way to Ukraine where it will be used for ammonia production.

The new burner type has big advantages for customers and paves the way for a brand new generation of burners on the market.

The revolutionary feature of the new burner is a reduction in pressure drop in the burner. This leads to big savings on compression. With the new “Low Air dP Burner” the capacity of the factory will be increased.

Since ammonia production is performed under very difficult conditions with very high temperatures and high gas velocity it is vital that all welding has been made with precision and quality. In this way the burner will be resilient and strong enough to be used in the production.

WELDTECH Aps has completed the job with high-nickel alloys. High-nickel has extreme strength, can resist high temperatures and is corrosion-resistant making these alloys perfect to withstand corrosive conditions and heat.