WELDTECH Aps equals superior quality and high reliability


We do TIG as well as MIG/MAG welding. We handle weldings from 3 to 1000 mm. In our workshop, we have a circular welding table and a longitudinal welding machine in our workshop.


We are ISO certified. We create and own our welding processes (PQR, WPS and WPQ).

High quality

We set high professional standards for our welding work and quality control as well as  documentation


We reply quickly to inquiries and comply with agreements and deadlines


We are flexible and adjust our work to the requests of our customers. We also work outside Denmark.


We always bring our tools with us to solve the work most efficiently on the spot.

Meet the skilled employees at WELDTECH Aps

WELDTECH Aps is a Danish company and consists of a skilled and dedicated staff which regularly participates in personal and vocational trainings. All employees are certified.

Michael Bartram

Michael Bartram

Owner and founder of Weldtech Aps

Phone.: +45 21 42 64 77 Mail: weldtech@weldtech.dk Educated as stainless steel boilermaker with professional experience since 1991.Responsible for finance, HR, environment and safety, documentation and sales. Has a big passion for the blacksmith profession Extraordinary expertise in high nickel alloys.

Mogens Sørensen

Mogens Sørensen

Senior fitter

Tlf.: +45 21 66 90 94E-mail: ms@weldtech.dk Educated as stainless steel boilermaker with professional experience since 1984. Special expertise within medical pipework, high nickel alloys and creating solutions according to the needs and drawings of the customer.

Welding processes

Our portfolio of WPQR and PQR is qualified in our own workshop where we have the necessary facilities and skilled staff. Supervision and testing of our procedures are carried out by FORCE Certification and FORCE Technology who we are in close cooperation with.

FORCE Certification is also certifying our welders on a daily basis and FORCE Technology is handling the daily NDT on projects where this is required. Should the developer request another NDT inspector, we will of course comply.

A good and safe work environment

At WELDTECH Aps we care about the safety of our employees. A safe work environment is crucial for them to deliver their best results. For this reason we set high demands for our employees to contribute to a safe and accident-free workplace.

We also work in cooperation with our customers to minimize risks when working on a project. This will be carried out through safety meetings and safety plans and, in some instances, extra training. We are focused on avoiding accidents by sharing and being on top on safety measures.

In connection with travel and fitting works we see many different workplaces where there are new conditions and risks involved. Although we gather new experiences, we will never give up on safety. This is also the case in our workshop where routine jobs and special projects are always handled with great respect for a safe work environment.