A promising Swedish company is in the process of establishing new beautiful facilities to produce solar energy equipment. WELDTECH ApS is pleased to be a coworker for the establishment as we supply piping and other equipment to the production plant. Solar energy production enters into a new phase with a whole new generation of aesthetic […]

WELDTECH ApS earns the award Gazelle Company 2017 by Børsen (Danish Financial newspaper). The award is based on the past 4 financial years, where the company should be able to show positive growth every year. In addition, the company has overall doubled its turnover over the four years.

Børsen Gazelle writes that the award is a tribute to those who create jobs, growth and optimism in society. We are of course proud and glad that WELDTECH ApS is doing well and we appreciate the recognition.

WELDTECH ApS recently delivered a new burner for Haldor Topsøe. Final inspections have been performed and the burner is now on its way to Ukraine where it will be used at Odessa Port Plant for ammonia production. The new burner type has big advantages for customers and paves the way for a brand new generation […]

WELDTECH Aps has won a third of a tender for the Arman Project at Haldor Topsøe.

WELDTECH Aps expands and moves into a new workshop in Herlev.